Production of polyethylene tape with clasp Zip-lock

The use of packaging bags with tape Zip-lock - garantee of safety of your products

lenta zip lock   The group of engineering and technical companies “Automatic Group” opened one more direction - production of polyethylene tape for packages  vacuum packaging with resealable clasp (Zip-lock).

 The tape is used as a lock in multilayer bags for packaging, storage and transportation food and non-food products, consumer goods   with long term of saving storage under vacuum (coffee, dry cereal, candies, frozen  products, feeds for animals, pasty and liquid  products, household chemicals) and other.


 Several advantages of polythelen tape Zip-lock:

  • Provide impermeability.
  • Convenient and easy in use.
  • Perhaps reusable - it can withstand more than 100 cycles of operation.
  • Produced from high quality materials (can be used for food products).
  • Competitive price.

The polythelen tape Zip-lock of our production complies with all international quality standards

The group of engineering and technical companies “Automatic Group” take care about the quality of all produced products and that's why uses only the best raw materials of European manufacturers. Beside this, our products are manufactured on imported equipment, which provide the necessary level of quality of our products, in accordance with international quality standards.

It necessary to mention, that safety of polythelen tape Zip-lock confirmed by test results in L.I.Medved's Research Center of Preventive Toxicology, Food and Chemical safety, Ministry of health, Ukraine(State enterprise). The products are also tested in an accredited laboratory LTD «Kharplastmas».

EC Automatic Group Ltd has all necessary certificates

Our company certified according to standards ISO 9001:2008 и OHSAS 18001:2007. Also, production passed certification in compliance with the international standard FSSC 22000 «Food Safety System Certification». Important to mention,that production of tape Zip-lock successfully passed the corporate audit of the company Mondel?z, with the result of which EC Automatic Group Ltd entered into the database of suppliers of packaging materials of company Mondel?z.

After the additional testing on production, our consumers become: JSC «Ukrplastic», LTD «Bara» (TM "Parus", "Belue parusa"). Successfully conducted tests on plants: LTD "ТH "Lubustoc", LTD «Cormotech».

Conclusion of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine

Laboratory Test Report "Harplastmas"

The test report of L.I.Medved's Research Center of Preventive Toxicology, Food and Chemical safety, Ministry of health, Ukraine

Conclusion of corporative audit of PrAT "Mondelis Ukraine"









Our productional potential allow to produce tape with different parameters

In reall time we produce more than 15000 km of tape in a year(width - 9,75 mm, thickness - 1,85 mm, wage 1m - 5,60gr). It is worth noting that the, equipment and technical possibilities allow to produce tape zip-lock with different parameters according to customers requirments. Beside this, we keep permannet store around 1000 km of tape. With necessity, We are ready to provide free sample for testing.

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Several advantages of cooperation with EC Automatic Group Ltd:

  • High quality of products;
  • Competitive price;
  • Granting deferred payment;
  • Delivery to the store of Customer;
  • The wide sample of standart sizes;
  • Possibility to acquire the minimal volume of tape;
  • The ability to produce a small amount of tape, according to Specification of customer.

We are open for cooperation, and ready to consider any mutually beneficial options.

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