Other services

General Contract Works

Being a general contractor in large projects on performance of repair and construction works our specialists will undertake to fulfill all tasks for provision of a facility with necessary process documentation, agree with the customer issues on participation in the project of subcontracting organizations, provide conclusion of agreements, control and supervise their performance. They organize works at the facility according to the design and regulatory documentation, having provided full construction readiness of the facility in due course and with compliance with all standards of labor, environment protection and fire safety. Cooperation with us within the frame of rendering general contract services opens a wide range of advantages for our clients and often allows reducing considerably time and financial costs for projects implementation.

Outsorcing of Non-Core Production Functions Fulfillment

Outsorcing of non-core functions fulfillment is one more type of services developed specially for our clients for the purpose of creation of condition for maximum comfortable long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. This type of services provides for full or partial transfer of any production processes for processing by our company, which may relate to our activity profile, namely: maintenance of process lines’ electrical equipment, buildings and structures, power transmission lines, illumination systems, etc. Works within the frame of this service are fulfilled on the basis of entering into long-term agreements. We saw about creating the most beneficial conditions for efficient interaction within the frameworks of such agreement and the main advantage of such type of cooperation is an opportunity for our client to concentrate his efforts in key fields of activity and reduce costs for creation and maintenance of own structures, which provide non-core functions fulfillment, by transferring all responsibilities to an authorized executor. Creation of consignment stores.

Creation of Consignment Stores

The main purpose of creation of consignment stores is to assist our clients in solving issues, most operational deliveries of electrical equipment and reduction of costs connected with the necessity of making scheduled purchases. The service of creation of consignment stores assumes availability of required equipment at the client’s store and payment for this equipment at its actual commissioning. Our clients, herewith, may exclude risks connected with downtime of production line equipment and reduce costs for scheduled purchases of this equipment. In turn, this may have a positive impact on reduction of prime cost of manufacture products and other economic indices and can be a significant factor for the enterprise efficiency increase. You always can obtain additional information about this direction of our company activity from our managers.

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