Integrated Automation of Production and Technological Processes

Integrated Automation of Production and Technological Processes is a Key Factor of Your Enterprise Profit Growth!

The group of companies “Automatic group” is a designer, supplier and integrator of complex solutions for creation of automated process control systems more than 7 years. Our solutions cover a wide range of tasks: from monitoring of individual equipment units to integrated automation of production lines and workshops of the enterprise.

Our company is ready to propose its clients the following services in terms of “production automation” direction development:

  • Development of control systems (APCS) for new equipment and process lines;
  • Integration of different processes into the unified control system;
  • Upgrading of control systems (APCS) for already existing equipment.

Our specialists perform a full set of works on the APCS development and implementation, including:

  • Design of solutions;
  • Delivery of equipment;
  • Programming and debugging of control systems;
  • Installation supervision, start-up and commissioning operations;
  • Warranty and post-warranty services.

Here are some of basic advantages which our clients get:

  • Increase of manufactured products volumes and quality;
  • Decrease of production process prime cost;
  • Provision of continuous efficient operation of production lines;
  • Decrease of the human factor influence and increase of the system reliability;
  • Provision of technical staff with authentic information for decision-making;
  • Possibilities for integration with other enterprise’s control systems (MES, ERP systems).

Long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with leading designers of software and equipment producers, as well as long experience in solving complex production problems, give our company an opportunity to know the latest tendencies and world experience in creation of automated process control systems.

The policy of deliveries held by our company includes a possibility of furnishing a project with all necessary units and elements for the APCS creation and other built-in systems — from cables, connectors and transmitters, master controllers and cabinet housings to high-capacity industrial computers, servers and software for creating high-tech and efficient automation systems.

A significant part of solutions on the APCS creation implemented by us is made in severe operating conditions, which are characterized by adverse climatic conditions, extended temperature range, increased humidity, significant impact and vibration loads, aggressive and explosive outdoor environment.

Benefits from working with our company are especially noticeable in most responsible and long-term projects: availability of own staff of highly skilled specialists, required certificates with a possibility of additional certification, guarantee of reliable deliveries in compliance with all agreed terms of works performance, possibility of custom modification of equipment and direct consultations with the producer — it is by no means complete list of benefits when working with us.

Turning to us you will always be able to reckon on responsible and competent approach to solving any problems facing your business. Our specialists will make all efforts for making and implementation of the most optimal solutions, which will help to make automation of your processes the most efficient.

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