Electrical Installation Works

Qualitative Performance of Electrical Installation Works is the Basis of Reliable and Uninterrupted Work of the Company!

Efficient functioning of every production facility is impossible without full-fledged and stable connection to all necessary communication systems.

Special attention during construction, reconstruction and conversion of any production facilities should be paid to processes of design, installation and further maintenance of electric mains and other electric power supply systems. First of all, this may influence on future efficiency of production, optimal allocation of the enterprise resources, and their full and efficient use.

In addition, the correct selection of a contractor who will be able to provide the most integrated, exclusively literate and qualified approach to works performance is extremely important during installation, start-up and commissioning works and operation of different systems and production lines.

Having considerable experience of successful implementation of projects and own staff consisting of highly skilled specialists our enterprise performs the whole set of electrical installation works of any complexity at multipurpose production facilities, among which are as follows: production workshops, trade and store rooms, transportation connection points and other industrial facilities.

The following is among the most sought-after competences of our company:

  • Design and installation of any electric mains, internal and external wiring, entry points, etc;
  • Laying of cable systems, installation of constructions, input of power cables;
  • Installation of load distribution systems, provision of safety and stability of the electric mains operation;
  • Development and installation of control cabinets, distribution cabinets;
  • Installation of utilities, systems, devices, gages and controls;
  • Mounting, installation and connection of process lines and their maintenance;
  • Installation and optimization of lighting systems based on up-to-date, economic technologies.

Each project on performance of electrical installation works includes as follows: preliminary, design inspection of the facility, as well as creation of a set of documents, including: technical calculation of power loads, calculation of geometry and length of electric mains, cable systems, locations of switch boards, as well as specification of required materials, equipment, safety and service facilities.

Benefits of Cooperation with Our Company:

Experience of our specialists allows performing any electrical installation works, covering a variety of demands of almost any enterprises, as well as performing works on integrated warranty and post-warranty service.


The basis of our success in the field of electrical installation works performance is close cooperation with producers of high-quality and process electrical equipment of leading trademarks. It is just because of such cooperation we train our specialists, deliver equipment for furnishing projects from the same provider, and provide special prices for our clients in large designs.

Industry leaders and young dynamically developing enterprises, for which the cooperation with us becomes profitable investment into their business future are among our clients.

Our company has all necessary authorization documents and certificates, as well as opinions and reference letters from our clients, which allows speaking about high acknowledgment of our merits. Quality management of our enterprise is certified according to the international system ISO: 9001:2008

Authorization documents and certificates:


“ITK “Automatic group” LLC

“ITK “Automatic group-Russia” LLC

All electrical installation works are performed with the guaranteed high level of quality and comply with current technical requirements, safety regulations, legislative acts and standards, which allows passing the stage of necessary agreements and acceptance by supervision bodies as soon as possible for the fastest commissioning of a production facility.

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