Development and replacement of internal and external lighting

Transfer to Energy-Saving Lighting Systems – Reduce Costs for Electric Power Increasing the Enterprise Efficiency!

Many production companies, production rooms, administrative, store and trade buildings face problems connected with incompliance of the internal and external lighting systems with the needs of their efficient use.

Some rooms may be insufficiently illuminated or over-illuminated and this may have a negative impact on quality of different operations fulfillment, reduction of production processes efficiency and also increase of unjustified costs for electric power.

In addition, such problems may lead to negative effects for personnel health and psychological state, including increased accident hazard, headaches, increased level of stresses and fatigability. That is why provision of an optimal spectral distribution and lighting level for each production area or process depending on the type of ambient conditions is a very important task.

Carrying out a set of works on optimization of traditional lighting systems and transfer to up-to-date light-emitting diode systems will help to increase the total productivity of the enterprise operation and reduce unjustified losses minimum by 50% by reducing the electric power consumption level.

In this direction, our company specializes in implementation of projects on reconstruction and optimization of lighting systems using up-to-date light-emitting diode technologies, which in addition to cost saving (reduction of electric power consumption approximately by 50% and cost savings in lamp replacement) have a large variety of other advantages, including :

  • High light efficiency, economy and safe use;
  • Possibility of development of an individual light fixture design;
  • Reliability, durability, compactness and mechanical strength;
  • Absence of ore vapors and reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • Absence of problems connected with recycling;

In addition, equipment for light-emitting diode lighting has spectral emission which is close to solar one and can have color temperature from “cold white” to “warm white”.

Our company designs, delivers and installs systems of lighting equipment of production, store, office, trade and street purpose manufactured by leading world producers and trademarks. The warranty for three years is given for all delivered equipment.

Our specialists will make audit of all available lighting systems and calculate the pay-off period of transfer to up-to-date light-emitting diode equipment, help to select the most efficient scheme of lighting use and energy efficiency, install and prepare the system for commercial operation, and also perform all necessary operations in warranty and post-warranty service.

When turning to our specialists you always may rely on competent and attentive approach to implementation of your needs in building efficient lighting systems, which will allow your enterprise to reduce costs for power consumption, make an adequate contribution to environment protection and create favorable conditions for the collective work by increasing your business efficiency.

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