Social activities

Thankful Reference Letters

Social responsibility for our company is a considerable and integral part of business. Thus, we are actively involved into charity and sponsor activity. As far as possible and to the best of our ability we try to keep environment protection, charitable trusts, reception centers, participate in different social projects for the purpose of rendering assistance to those who need it.

Our company is serious about the catastrophe which occurred at Chernobyl Atomic Power Station and we try to help those who suffered from it. We rendered charitable assistance to Zhitomir Regional Department of International Charitable Trust “Pomoshch Detyam Chernobylya”. Money funds were directed to or phan children, Chernobyl cleanup veterans and children from lower-income families.

We also earned honorific mention from Sumy City Center of Environmental and Naturalistic Art of Students Youth. The received funds were directed to support out-of-school education and improvement of its scientific and resource base for the purposes of promotion of environmental work development in Sumy region. Our assistance facilitates development of training, and also education of environmental love and friendliness for young people.

We are mindful not only of people problems, but also problems of animals that got in trouble. That is why we tried to render material assistance to Sumy Defenders of Animals that Got in Trouble “Priyut”. Using proceeds we purchased construction materials for equipment of aviaries and rooms for post-operative keeping of animals.

In order to help children and the destitute we rendered sponsor support to Kiev Representative Office of “International Christian Charitable Trust”. The proceeds were directed to the needs of people deprived of sue share of relatives and warmth of hearth and home.

Participation in the social project on development of free access to Internet based on wireless technology Wifi together with “Promotion of Sumy City” it was marked by special gratitude from the Mayor of Sumy. Thanks to our participation in this project special benches with stable and free access to Internet appeared in the center of the city.


We shall try to render adequate assistance to the destitute as far as it possible and take part in development of different social initiatives and charitable projects, which will bring a little warmth and kindness to our complex and contradictory world.