Our achievements

Achievements of the Group of Companies “Automatic Group”


Being 7 years on the market, we implemented more than 700 comprehensive projects (on construction and repair of buildings; installation, connection and commissioning performed on production lines, in the field of process automation, lighting systems optimization).

In September 2015 year our company EC Automatic Group Ltd succsesfully passe sertification according standarts FSSC 22000, this standarts confirms certification scheme for food safety systems, including ISO 22000:2005, ISO/TS 22002-4:2013 and additional requirements FSSC 22000. The scope of certification is the production of polyethylene tape Zip-Lock for the food industry.

In 2012 our company was certified according to the international standard of quality management systems ISO 9001:2008. This certificate is issued for the companies only if their whole structure of production and quality control meet the requirements of the level of globally accepted norms.

In order to reduce the number of accidents and to comply with labour legislation, we have also introduced the Occupational health and safety management systems (OHSAS).

In 2009 our company received a national certificate “Industry Leader” for the 5 than 300,000 enterprises of this industry on the following criteria: “Volume of sold products”, “Labour productivity”, “Net income”, “Wages”.

In 2010, we came from the 5th place up to the 3td place and received a national certificate “Industry Leader” in the same criteria: “Volume of sold products”, “Labor productivity”, “Net income”, “Wages”.

In 2010 we also received an award “Enterprise of the Year” for high competitiveness in the industry and took 4th place among more than 350,000 Ukrainian enterprises.

Efficient operation of the company in 2011 was also marked by a national certificate and we took 2nd place among more than 300,000 enterprises of the industry of “Installation of electric distribution and monitoring equipment.”


Providing a high quality service, we are not going to rest on our laurels. We continue to improve our production processes in order to bring them to compliance with international standards and to provide our customers the best conditions for a comfortable and mutually beneficial cooperation with us.