About us

About the Company:

The group of engineering and technical companies “Automatic Group” was established in 2005 for the purpose of providing its customers with the most professional and complex service in design,development and installation of up-to-date systems of electric equipment and production automation.

The company’s activity started in the city of Sumy, in a small rented room, which was the office, store and production room at that time and where several like-minded men, technicians with the same mind and wish to create a strong and up-to-date engineering and technical company stayed.

In spite of all difficulties of the initial stage of business development, during the first year our company managed to make a significant shoot forward having implemented several successful project at a time. We worked hard for a long time in order to become an international-level company, which each day continues its dynamic development pro bono its clients. There are branch leaders and developing companies are among our clients; work with us is profitable investment in their business future.

Today, our company is a team of highly skilled specialists with more than 7 years experience in the fields of capital construction and repair of industrial buildings and structures, upgrading of production lines and fulfillment of complex electrical installation works, automation of production processes and development of lighting systems, packaged delivery of electric equipment of leading world brands.

About the Mission of the Company:

To perform complex engineering projects qualitatively, timely and with least costs by creating and developing a motivated, flexible and single-minded team of professionals.


About the Purpose:

To become a leader in the field of implementation of complex projects in the territory of Ukraine, Russian Federation, CIS countries and EU.


About the Values:

The most integrated approach to performance of works. Ability to think about.


According to the data of the “State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine” our company holds the leading positions in the field of implementation of up-to-date technologies for automation of production processes at production enterprises of Ukraine.

Business Geography:

3 companies are a part of the group of engineering and technical companies “Automatic Group”:

“ITK “Automatic group” LLC – the city of Sumy, Ukraine
“ITK “Automatic group - Russia” LLC – the city of Belgorod, Russia
“ITK “Automatic group - Germany” LLC – Dortmund, Germany

Principles and Experience:

The basis of “Automatic Group” work is rendering of stable high-quality services. The high level of our service was confirmed many times by a variety of national and international certificates.

During 7 years of work we implemented more than 700 complex projects on construction and repair of buildings, installation, connection and commissioning works on production lines, automation of processes, optimization of lighting systems.

In 2009 our company obtained its first  national certificates “Branch Leader” for the 5 th place among more than 350 thousand companies; in 2010 we ranked No. 3; in 2011 we ranked No. 2 according to the following criteria: “volume of sold products”, “labor productivity”, “net profit”, “wages”. In 2012 our company was certified according to the international standard of quality management systems ISO 9001:2008.

We aim to work each day in such a manner that each customer receives high level service and is satisfied with attitude of our employees towards solving any business tasks. All our efforts are first and foremost directed to provision of economic efficiency of projects implemented by us and as a result, lead to reduction of costs and increase of our clients’ profit.

Partners and Innovation Activity:

Our company specialists pay special attention to introduction and development of innovative approaches to project implementation. Engineers of “Automatic group” successfully develop and commission projects for solving tasks of ultra-high complexity. The basis of innovation uniqueness is the use of up-to-date technologies and equipment manufactured by leading world producers.

In terms of project integration and equipment delivery we cooperate with such companies as: Danfoss, which is the  official  distributor in the territory  of Ukraine, and also Siemens, Mitsubishi, Jumo, Moeller(Eaton), LappGroup, Endress, +Hauser, Camozzi, Rittal, IFM, Samson  Engineering and many others.

The developed infrastructure of the company, qualitative organization of business processes and clientoriented approach to work guarantee high quality of service and mutually beneficial cooperation with us at all stages of joint activity.

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